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Finally licensed ☺️
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Why me?

I’m not here to make a fool out of myself and think myself as immensely better than anyone else. But, why am I so lucky? I have the nicest car a teenager could ever ask for and I don’t even have my license yet. I get what I ask for and today my parents bought me a bed. I’m not the most popular guy in town, but I have confidence in myself and actually think I’m okay/good looking. I really do not want to make myself look better than anyone else, but I’m trying to let out what I feel.. I feel as though I’m the luckiest person in the world. I’m priveleged to have the nicest parents anyone could ever ask for and honestly, I take them for granted. I lie sometimes and I’m not that very smart. I try my best and I don’t always succeed. I’m even at a community college this summer, spending my time trying to get a better grade not only for my benefits, but to also make my parents even more proud. I’m not some smart kid at school that get A’s all the time. I think myself as clueless sometimes and out of place at school. I can’t thank God for how much he has given me. Even through all the bullshit, I still keep my head up and thank him for what he has done. At least once or twice a week before I sleep, I stare across my room thinking about life. I mean, don’t we all? I think about the things I have and wonder why it was given to me. I’ve seen so many kids that work harder than me and are less fortunate. So many of them would love to be in my place honestly… No doubt though that I try at school, but I procastinate and  l am lazy. If I had to choose a life of being happy now and not be later on, I’d rather not be given anything now and be much happy later on in life. If that makes any sense. As though God has given me these things, I’ll in return share my gifts to others. I swear to help others as God has helped me.

vent session aye

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my nipples are pretty cute haha
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Reblog every time. Love this too much.
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